Analytics Cache 📈

With this update, we start storing your campaign data in your browser after login. This means you’ll access your Analytics data much faster in the Dashboard and on “My Campaigns.” 🚀
You can see when your data is last updated and simply click the “Refresh Data” button to get the latest numbers.

Impression Limit

Running several campaigns on your domains? Now you can set an overall limit to how many times your campaigns will show in one session. When a visitor reaches the total impression limit, they won't see any other campaigns on your site during that session. Ideal for those who run multiple campaigns on several domains.

You can set a limit for individual domains or use the "Default Impression Limit" option to set a total limit for all your domains.

Need an exception? Don't worry. You can easily set a campaign to ignore this limit on "Advanced Options" in the Campaign Builder.

Custom Fonts

Now you can upload custom fonts to your account and use them across your Sleeknote campaigns. Ideal for aligning your campaigns with your website design and brand identity.

Global Daylight Saving Time Support

We fixed the countdown timer and campaign scheduling issues caused by the switch from Daylight Saving Time (DST) in different parts of the world. Now we automatically calculate the time difference caused by DST and make sure your campaigns hide/show based on the timezone you specify.

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