Custom Fonts

Now you can upload custom fonts to your account and use them across your Sleeknote campaigns. Ideal for aligning your campaigns with your website design and brand identity.

Fixed an issue with HTML condition

A fix for an edge case when using the "Is present" condition in the HTML condition has been deployed.

Product Recommendations w/ Clerk

With our new Clerk integration, you can add dynamic product recommendations to your Sleeknote campaigns and create the most personalized shopping experience. Perfect for increasing revenue without overwhelming visitors. 🎉

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Global Daylight Saving Time Support

We fixed the countdown timer and campaign scheduling issues caused by the switch from Daylight Saving Time (DST) in different parts of the world. Now we automatically calculate the time difference caused by DST and make sure your campaigns hide/show based on the timezone you specify.

Countdown Timer Improvements

Now you can choose between showing a message to visitors or completely disabling your campaign when the countdown timer reaches zero. With this update, you don’t have to specify a start date for your countdown timer, either.