[New Webinar] Sleeknote Playbooks ๐Ÿช„

Join Julie (Head of Managed Solution) and Peter (Head of Customer Success) for this month's 30-minute live training. 👋

In it, they'll share plug-and-play formulas to help you solve common marketing challenges by combining Sleeknote campaigns with your email marketing and paid strategy.

🗓 Thursday, February 24

🇩🇰 Danish - 09:00 AM CET - Sign Up

🇬🇧 English - 02:00 PM CET - Sign Up

Can’t join the live session? Sign up and we’ll send you the slides and the recording afterward. 😉

Customize Your Close Buttons on Mobile ๐Ÿ“ฑ

Great news for your mobile campaigns. 🥳 Now you can customize your close buttons on mobile, just like you do on desktop.

You can upload your own buttons, decide on their size, and place them wherever you want.

This gives you more flexibility and better-looking mobile campaigns.

Advanced SiteData Functions โž—

Now you can now use logic, string concatenation, and math functions in your merge tags to personalize your campaign copy for each visitor.

For instance, you can automatically calculate the difference between your free shipping threshold and a visitor's cart value, and nudge shoppers to spend more.

See our help article to learn how you can use advanced functions in your SiteData merge tags.

Live Training: Take Your Sleeknote Setup to the Next Level โšก๏ธ

Join Peter (Head of Customer Success) and Julie (Head of Managed Solution) for a 30-minute live session where they'll go through the best Sleeknote use cases—for beginners and advanced users.

Pick the session best suits your experience with Sleeknote (or sign up for both to see all the best Sleeknote use cases.)

🗓 Friday, January 28th

🇬🇧 [English] Beginner-Friendly Sleeknote Use Cases: Sign Up

🇬🇧 [English] Advanced Sleeknote Use Cases: Sign Up

🇩🇰 [Danish] Beginner-Friendly Sleeknote Use Cases: Sign Up

🇩🇰 [Danish] Advanced Sleeknote Use Cases: Sign Up

Embed Campaigns Anywhere on Your Site ๐Ÿ“ƒ

Now you can place your Sleeknote campaigns directly inside your website and show different forms, surveys, or banners to different groups of visitors in the same position.

With this product update, you can embed your Sleeknote campaigns on any page you want and use your favorite Sleeknote features, such as geo-targeting, A/B testing, gamification, and scheduling.

📖 Follow this guide to learn how you can embed Sleeknote campaigns on your website.

[Webinar] Sleeknote 2022: Best Practices, Whatโ€™s New, and Whatโ€™s Coming ๐Ÿ’ซ

Join us on Thursday, December 9, for the final live training of the year, where we'll share:

    • Popup and slide-in best practices (based on 2021's top-performing campaigns);
    • A recap of what's new in Sleeknote;
    • A sneak peek at our 2022 product roadmap;
    • And much more.

Learn how you can get more out of your Sleeknote account and improve your campaign conversions in under an hour.

You can also ask your questions to Peter, Emil, and Julie at the end of the session. 👋

Join them in one of these two sessions, or sign up anyway to get the recording afterward. 👇

🇩🇰 Danish - 09:00 AM CET - Sign Up

🇬🇧 English - 01:00 PM CET - Sign Up

New Gamification Feature: Advent Calendar ๐ŸŽ…

Our second gamification feature that allows you to create daily offers is now live in your account. 🎉

If you're running daily or weekly deals for Black Friday or Christmas, you can now add all your offers into a single campaign.

The campaign will automatically update with that day's offer, discount code, and image you specified.

Your visitors can unlock today's offer by signing up for your email list and reveal the mystery offer and its discount code in the last step of your campaign.

📕 Read this help article to learn how you can use our advent calendar template and quickly set up daily offers.

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