Live Training: 21 (new) ways to use Sleeknote 💡

In this live training, Sofie and Patrick will share 21 (new) ways to use Sleeknote based on new features, the latest data, specific customer campaigns, and best practices.

Besides this, Patrick, the CTO of Sleeknote, will share a sneak peek of the roadmap and tell you what we’re working on 👀

🇬🇧 The English version will take place on Tuesday, June 18 at 11 am. Sign up here
🇩🇰 Vi holder den danske version torsdag den 20. juni kl. 11. Tilmeld dig her!

We will record the session and send it to everyone who signed up.

Hope to see you next week 👋

SiteData Improvement 🎯

SiteData is our personalization option that allows you to show or hide your campaigns based on any visitor data you have on your site.

You can now set up a SiteData rule so that a campaign will be shown or hidden if any one of several conditions is met. We’ve added a “one of” option in the settings, which means the rules now use an “OR” logic to decide whether to display a campaign.

Previously, all the entered variables had to be met for the SiteData rule to affect the campaign. This simplifies setup and allows for more use cases with SiteData.

Check out this article to learn more about SiteData.

More Folder Colors 🎨

Now, you can select from more folder colors or insert your own color codes to fully customize them.

You’ll love this update if you have lots of campaigns in your Sleeknote account. 😉

Spin-to-Win Without Email Collection 🎡

Now, you can use our most popular gamification feature, spin-to-win, in all campaign types.

This means that you can use gamification for more than just email collection.

For example, you can give away discount codes to existing subscribers or drive more sales on your site with ungated rewards.

Image Library 🖼️

Upload your images to Sleeknote and (re)use them across all your campaigns

Upload your logos, close buttons, product images, and other brand assets once, and design on-brand campaigns much more quickly.

This also has a positive impact on your page speed. 👌

Revenue Estimation 🤑

With revenue estimation, you can get an overview of how much value you can expect from Sleeknote. 🍾

You can track the estimated revenue you generate through Sleeknote in your dashboard and for each campaign.

Check out this help article to learn how to use revenue attribution for your brand and our suggestions on calculating your email subscriber value.

Dynamic Spin-to-Win Outcomes 🎡

Spin-to-win campaigns got much smarter. Now you can show a different headline and text at the outcome step based on the reward your visitors land on.

This gives your new subscribers a much better and more dynamic gamification experience.

💡 Check out this help article for more information.

Voyado Integration 💌

Sleeknote now integrates directly with the marketing automation platform, Voyado. With this new direct integration, you can easily send your new leads to Voyado.

Read this help article to learn how to set up an ESP integration with your Voyado account.

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