New: Goal Tracking 🕵️‍♂️

Now you can track how many visitors end up in a URL or complete an action after seeing your Sleeknote campaigns in the same session.

With goal tracking, you can measure your campaigns’ impact on other important metrics, such as product impressions, sales conversions, and so on.

A few goal ideas you can start tracking:

  • Product impressions
  • Pageviews
  • "Add to cart" event
  • Checkout visit
  • Order placed
  • Demo booked
  • Free trial started

You can define your goal by adding a target URL or firing a Javascript event on your website.

📕 Read this guide to learn how to set up goal tracking for your campaigns.

Preview and Share Campaigns 👀

Now you can preview how your campaigns will look on your homepage, on a specific subpage, or on a blank page before you set them live.

You can also share this link with your coworkers or clients and help them see the campaign without logging into your account.

With this option, you can test how your triggers will behave, as well as how your teaser and success step will look.

Read this guide to learn how to use the preview option in your campaign builder.

New Dashboard Overview 📊

The new and improved Sleeknote Dashboard is now available to all users. This new version includes:

  • Quicker access to your recent campaigns;
  • Relevant campaign data that are easy-to-filter by product type and time range;
  • Improved sidebar menu;
  • Downloadable campaign analytics;
  • A complete UI overhaul.

📞 Got any feedback or questions about your new dashboard? Reach out to us at

New Trigger: SiteData ⚙️

Now you can use SiteData as a campaign trigger and use real-time data to determine when to show your campaigns.

With the new SiteData trigger, you can, for example, show a campaign when a visitor:

  • Adds an item to their cart,
  • Removes a product from their cart,
  • Watches X% of a video,
  • Views X products from a category,
  • Logs in to your member area,
  • And much more.

Whatever data you're collecting on your visitors, you can send it to our SiteData storage and use it to trigger your campaigns at the right time.

Read more about SiteData here.

A Summary of Sleeknote in 2021 🚀

We're bringing you a quick recap of all the features we launched in 2021, changes to Sleeknote subscriptions, and a sneak peek at our upcoming product updates, including:

  • Embedded Campaigns
  • Campaign Preview
  • Goal-Setting
  • SiteData Trigger
  • And more.

Read this email to learn what's new and upcoming in Sleeknote.

Feel free to reach us at with any questions you have. 😊

Pre-Defined Merge Tags 🧑‍💻

We added 6 new built-in merge tags to our text editor, to help you create relevant, targeted campaigns without much effort.

When you use merge tags in your campaigns, you can dynamically update your campaign copy with:

  • Current Day
  • Current Month
  • Current Year
  • Current Date
  • Visitor's Country
  • Visitor's Country Code

Visit our Help Center to learn how to use pre-defined merge tags and how to correctly format your date tags.

Any questions? Reach us at 👋

Add YouTube Videos to Campaigns 🎬

Now you can embed YouTube videos in your Sleeknote campaigns by using the "YouTube" element in your campaign builder.

Read this guide to learn how to insert videos into your campaigns.

💡 Tip: All new Sleeknote features, including video, are available on our new campaign builder. To switch to the new campaign builder, visit your "Account" page, check "Enable Beta Program" and click "Save."

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