New Template Selector πŸͺ„

Your campaign builder just got a new step where you can easily find the best template for your campaigns.

Now you can quickly navigate between different campaign types and use filters to find the perfect template based on position, seasonality, and goal.

Got any feedback for our new template selector? Send us an email at 💌

New Dashboard Overview πŸ“Š

The new and improved Sleeknote Dashboard is now available to all users. This new version includes:

  • Quicker access to your recent campaigns;
  • Relevant campaign data that are easy-to-filter by product type and time range;
  • Improved sidebar menu;
  • Downloadable campaign analytics;
  • A complete UI overhaul.

📞 Got any feedback or questions about your new dashboard? Reach out to us at

Add Anchor Links to Buttons πŸ”—

If you're using anchor links (a.k.a. page jumps) on a page, you can now add those links to your buttons and send visitors to a specific section of the page.

To add an anchor link to your button, simply write the anchor text in the Link URL field:

Now, when a visitor clicks the link button in this campaign, they'll jump directly to this section of the page:

It's especially useful if you have long pages and want to guide your visitors' attention to a certain section, such as signup, buy, or learn more.

HubSpot Integration Update βš™οΈ

If you're using the HubSpot tracking script on your website, you can now start tracking your Sleeknote leads right away.

When a visitor submits information through a Sleeknote campaign on a page with the HubSpot tracking script, you can also track what the user was doing before signing up.

With this update, you can better track pageviews, especially if you're using them for lead scoring, automations, and attribution.

To activate this option, visit the Integration step of your campaigns that have the HubSpot integration and save the campaign once more.

You can also watch this 2-minute video we made for you:

Note: This feature is only available in our new campaign builder. If you haven’t started using it already, click here and enjoy all our new features.

Multiple Super Users πŸ‘₯

Now you can add more than one super user to your Sleeknote account and give your coworkers or your agency access to your campaigns.

To add multiple super users, simply enter their email addresses by separating them with a comma.

We’re shutting down our old Campaign Builder

From 15th November 2020, we will automatically delete legacy campaigns created in the first version of our Campaign Builder.

Please note: The campaign builder in mention, is the very first we ever built and chances are that you've never even used or seen it before—if that is the case, no need to read on 😁

We encourage you to recreate your campaign in our new Campaign Builder to keep using your campaign and to enjoy our new features.

Want to save you statistics?

If you wish to save the statistics for your deprecated campaigns, please reach out to our customer success team:

New Languages Added πŸ’¬

We added new languages and improved existing ones in:

  • Campaign field error messages (Example: "Your email is invalid.")
  • Countdown timer
  • Product recommendations

Currently, we support error messages in the following languages, based on the visitor's browser language: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, Haitian, Javanese, Khmer, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Kazakh.

You can read more about how error messages work and reach us at if you have any questions. 🤓

Tip: Switch to our new Campaign Builder to make sure you're using the latest version of our product. (Visit your Account Settings and enable beta program.)

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