More Folder Colors 🎨

Now, you can select from more folder colors or insert your own color codes to fully customize them.

You’ll love this update if you have lots of campaigns in your Sleeknote account. 😉

Spin-to-Win Without Email Collection 🎡

Now, you can use our most popular gamification feature, spin-to-win, in all campaign types.

This means that you can use gamification for more than just email collection.

For example, you can give away discount codes to existing subscribers or drive more sales on your site with ungated rewards.

Image Library 🖼️

Upload your images to Sleeknote and (re)use them across all your campaigns

Upload your logos, close buttons, product images, and other brand assets once, and design on-brand campaigns much more quickly.

This also has a positive impact on your page speed. 👌

Revenue Estimation 🤑

With revenue estimation, you can get an overview of how much value you can expect from Sleeknote. 🍾

You can track the estimated revenue you generate through Sleeknote in your dashboard and for each campaign.

Check out this help article to learn how to use revenue attribution for your brand and our suggestions on calculating your email subscriber value.

Dynamic Spin-to-Win Outcomes 🎡

Spin-to-win campaigns got much smarter. Now you can show a different headline and text at the outcome step based on the reward your visitors land on.

This gives your new subscribers a much better and more dynamic gamification experience.

💡 Check out this help article for more information.

Voyado Integration 💌

Sleeknote now integrates directly with the marketing automation platform, Voyado. With this new direct integration, you can easily send your new leads to Voyado.

Read this help article to learn how to set up an ESP integration with your Voyado account.

Input Field Validation ✔

Add validation rules to your email and phone fields and allow/deny submissions to increase the quality of your leads.

Now you can set up field validation to reject email addresses from certain domains (such as or accept phone numbers only from specific countries.

Add Multiple Steps to All Campaign Types 🪜

Now you can add multiple steps to all your Sleeknote campaigns and turn your one-step forms and popups into multistep campaigns.

This means you can turn any email capture form into a multistep form. But it also means you can create multistep surveys, product guides, recommendations, and much more.

Click “Add step” on a campaign and customize every step as much as you need.

Multistep campaigns are ideal for keeping your visitors engaged without overwhelming them with too many messages in a single popup.

Turn your one-step campaigns into multistep for better results, and let us know if you have any questions at 👋

*Multistep is not available for sidebar and Sleekbar campaigns.

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