Voyado Integration πŸ’Œ

Sleeknote now integrates directly with the marketing automation platform, Voyado. With this new direct integration, you can easily send your new leads to Voyado.

Read this help article to learn how to set up an ESP integration with your Voyado account.

Input Field Validation βœ”

Add validation rules to your email and phone fields and allow/deny submissions to increase the quality of your leads.

Now you can set up field validation to reject email addresses from certain domains (such as hotmail.com) or accept phone numbers only from specific countries.

Add Multiple Steps to All Campaign Types πŸͺœ

Now you can add multiple steps to all your Sleeknote campaigns and turn your one-step forms and popups into multistep campaigns.

This means you can turn any email capture form into a multistep form. But it also means you can create multistep surveys, product guides, recommendations, and much more.

Click “Add step” on a campaign and customize every step as much as you need.

Multistep campaigns are ideal for keeping your visitors engaged without overwhelming them with too many messages in a single popup.

Turn your one-step campaigns into multistep for better results, and let us know if you have any questions at mail@sleeknote.com. 👋

*Multistep is not available for sidebar and Sleekbar campaigns.

Repeating Countdown Timer ⏳

Set up multiple countdown timers in one campaign and count down to specific times or days on autopilot.

Repeating countdown timers are ideal for you if you:

  • Ship orders at certain times every day,
  • Release new products or blog posts regularly,
  • Reveal new offers during campaign periods, such as the Black Week.

Learn how to set up a repeating countdown timer here.

Copyable Coupon Codes βœ…

We released a new coupon code element that allows your customers to copy the codes in your popups with one click. This way, your customers can quickly copy your coupon codes and use them at checkout.

Drag and drop the coupon code element, type your code, and style it the way you want.

Check out this help article for more information. 💡

Mobile Styling Improvements 🎨

We made changes to our campaign styling logic to improve your mobile editing experience.

Now, as default:

  • Your changes to desktop campaigns will apply to mobile, but
  • Your changes to mobile campaigns won’t apply to desktop.

The new styling logic will reduce the likelihood of unintentional changes on different devices.

Adding or removing an element from your campaigns is now a global action. This means:

  • When you add an element to desktop, it will also be added to mobile;
  • When you delete an element from desktop, it will also be deleted from mobile.

We also introduced a new hiding option that lets you hide a campaign element on a specific device with one click.

When you hide elements on a device, you can easily locate and unhide them on the Layout menu.

If you need a more detailed read on these changes, check out this article our Product team prepared.

Track Clicks for Product Recommendations πŸ‘£

You can now track clicks on Sleeknote campaigns that contain product recommendations.

When a visitor clicks a button or product image in your campaigns* containing Shopify, Clerk, Hello Retail, Raptor, or Custom Product Recommendations, their action will count as a "Lead" in campaign statistics.

*excluding campaigns that collect email addresses.

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