Add YouTube Videos to Campaigns 🎬

Now you can embed YouTube videos in your Sleeknote campaigns by using the "YouTube" element in your campaign builder.

Read this guide to learn how to insert videos into your campaigns.

💡 Tip: All new Sleeknote features, including video, are available on our new campaign builder. To switch to the new campaign builder, visit your "Account" page, check "Enable Beta Program" and click "Save."

New Integration: Segment ⚙️

We now offer a direct integration with the customer data platform, Segment. 🎉

With this integration, you can collect all your lead data in one place and forward it to more than 300 services.

If you're a Segment user, read this small guide to learn how to set up an integration between Segment and Sleeknote.

P.S.: Follow this link and switch to our new campaign builder to use the new Segment integration, as well as other exclusive features. 🤓

Add Anchor Links to Buttons 🔗

If you're using anchor links (a.k.a. page jumps) on a page, you can now add those links to your buttons and send visitors to a specific section of the page.

To add an anchor link to your button, simply write the anchor text in the Link URL field:

Now, when a visitor clicks the link button in this campaign, they'll jump directly to this section of the page:

It's especially useful if you have long pages and want to guide your visitors' attention to a certain section, such as signup, buy, or learn more.

SiteData Merge Tags in Text Fields ✏️

Now you can use the information in your SiteData storage as merge tags and personalize your campaigns for each visitor.

If you have the data about a visitor's first name, basket value, pageviews, and so on, you can send it to SiteData and use it in your campaigns' text fields.

Follow this format to use SiteData merge tags in your campaigns: {{SiteData:Your SiteData Variable}}

For example, your merge tag might look like this: {{SiteData:Remaining Basket Value}}

Read this guide to learn how to send data to SiteData and use merge tags in your campaigns.

Any questions? Let us know at and we'll help you out. 🤓

HubSpot Integration Update ⚙️

If you're using the HubSpot tracking script on your website, you can now start tracking your Sleeknote leads right away.

When a visitor submits information through a Sleeknote campaign on a page with the HubSpot tracking script, you can also track what the user was doing before signing up.

With this update, you can better track pageviews, especially if you're using them for lead scoring, automations, and attribution.

To activate this option, visit the Integration step of your campaigns that have the HubSpot integration and save the campaign once more.

You can also watch this 2-minute video we made for you:

Note: This feature is only available in our new campaign builder. If you haven’t started using it already, click here and enjoy all our new features.

New Black Friday Templates 🖤

15 new Black Friday templates are now live and ready-to-use in your campaign builder. 🚀

You'll find four new templates for Collect Email Addresses and 11 templates for Increase Product Sales, specially designed for Black Friday.

Multiple Super Users 👥

Now you can add more than one super user to your Sleeknote account and give your coworkers or your agency access to your campaigns.

To add multiple super users, simply enter their email addresses by separating them with a comma.

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