Improved Styling Options 🎨

We standardized styling options, such as width, margins, background colors, border options, and more, across all campaign elements.

With this update, you'll find new styling options for different campaign elements and have even more flexibility for designing your campaigns to your liking. 👌

Quick-Add Dropdown Options 🔻

Now you can quickly add countries, states, or any list of items to your dropdowns by using our presets or uploading a CSV file.

This new menu helps you quickly customize large dropdown lists without the manual work. ⚡️

Create Daily Offers All Year Round 🎁

With our new and improved daily offers feature, you can give your visitors a new reward to unlock every day and collect more emails with the element of surprise. 🤩

Daily offers are ideal for running weekend-only sales, daily seasonal deals, advent calendars, and much more.

Create all your offers, with their images, links, and discount codes, in one campaign and we'll automatically update your offer every day.

This saves you hours of work and gives you customer insights you can apply to your marketing campaigns elsewhere. 😉

We've also launched three new daily offers templates to help you quickly get started. You'll find them under "Gamification" in your template selection step.

💡 Read this article to learn how you can create daily offers step by step.

Customize Your Close Buttons on Mobile 📱

Great news for your mobile campaigns. 🥳 Now you can customize your close buttons on mobile, just like you do on desktop.

You can upload your own buttons, decide on their size, and place them wherever you want.

This gives you more flexibility and better-looking mobile campaigns.

Advanced SiteData Functions ➗

Now you can now use logic, string concatenation, and math functions in your merge tags to personalize your campaign copy for each visitor.

For instance, you can automatically calculate the difference between your free shipping threshold and a visitor's cart value, and nudge shoppers to spend more.

See our help article to learn how you can use advanced functions in your SiteData merge tags.

Rename Your Campaigns ⚡️

Now you can change your campaign names directly from the dashboard.

Hover over a campaign's name, click the edit icon, and type your new campaign name.

Quickly rename your campaigns without going into the campaign builder. 😌

Improved Copy and Paste Options ✏️

When you copy and paste a piece of text into your campaigns, you can now decide whether you want to keep or remove the formatting of it.

  • Use cmd/ctrl + shift + v to paste your text without formatting. In this case, your text will match its surrounding formatting.

  • Use cmd/ctrl + v to keep your text's current formatting.

Note: If your text has an unknown format, such as a font we don't recognize, it will be pasted without formatting.

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